`copyright, A Dog And His Boy`simple authentication - bind with username and password
` `$0 -> (TRUE = success, FALSE = failure) `$1 = server name `$2 = user name `$3 = password C_TEXT($1;$tServerName;$2;$3) C_TEXT($tText;$tUserName;$tPassword) C_BOOLEAN($0) C_LONGINT($iLDAPStream;$iErr;$i;$iMessageID;$iSizeLimit;$iTimeLimit;$iNumResponses) `other parms are directly in call to LDAP_Search below $tServerName:=$1 `LDAP_SetPlugin ("ITK") `LDAP_SetTimeout (30) `how long LDAP4D waits on sends and recieves C_TIME(×tiLDAP_TimetoQuit) C_DATE(×dLDAP_DatetoQuit) C_LONGINT(×iLDAP_Timeout) <>tiLDAP_TimetoQuit:=Current time+120 <>dLDAP_DatetoQuit:=Current date+10 <>iLDAP_Timeout:=30 LDAP_DeclareVars `call this before performing operations, it initializes variables used internally `set these vars so that LDAP_BindRequest will work $0:=False $iLDAPStream:=LDAP_Open ($tServerName;389) `standard LDAP port is 389 If ($iLDAPStream#0) $iMessageID:=1 `many public LDAP servers don't require a bind `they just send back results from search! $tUserName:=$2 $tPassword:=$3 `anonymous bind - no user or password, version 2 Case of : (0#LDAP_Message_Send ($iLDAPStream;$iMessageID;LDAP_BindRequest ($tUserName;$tPassword;3))) `send the bind $iErr:=-1 `some kind of error : (0#LDAP_ResponseParse ($iLDAPStream)) `get the BindResponse > 0 = success $iErr:=-1 `some kind of error End case If ($iErr=0) `success on bind $0:=True Else $0:=False End if $iErr:=LDAP_Close ($iLDAPStream)  `0 upon successful completion Else $0:=False End if


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