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LDAP4D at A Dog And His Boy

LDAP4D - Table of contents


About LDAP_4D

LDAP4D is a 4D component that is meant to mirror the LDAP C API in a 4D sort of way. It consists of 4D methods - TCP/IP communications are done with a plugin. LDAP4D will allow 4D developers to implement LDAP client operations - including searching, adding, deleting, and modifying directory tree entries.

The two plugins supported by LDAP4D are 4D Internet Tools and Internet Toolkit for 4D.

A basic set of commands in each is used by LDAP4D; open, close, send, receive and a few operations to check the state of the connection. All formatting and parsing of the messages sent and received is done by LDAP4D.

New! Did a version using the beta version of Rob Laveaux's plugin - Network Tool Kit

Change history

3/5/03 - LDAP_Search ; had the options for scope and derefaliases backwards, also didn't have the default values indicated.
5/18/03 - general spell checking
12/1/2006 - options for LDAP4D 2.0 - various fixes
3/1/2007 - mac beta version of LDAP4D 2.0 using NTK

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