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LDAP4D Directory at A Dog And His Boy

LDAP4D Directory  - Installation

  1. Minimum requirements
  2. Installing the Component
  3. Installing the "public" methods.
  4. Quick Start
  5. Setting an email client to use

About this section...

This section describes the how and what of LDAP4D Directory installation into a 4th Dimension database.

1. Minimum requirements

This component requires 4th Dimension v11+ and  NetworkToolKit (NTK) TCP/IP plugin v1.1.2+.

2. Install the component

Same as any component, just create a folder named "Components" at the same level as the target database's structure and put a copy of the "LDAP4D_Directory.4dbase" in the folder. The NTK TCP/IP plugin should also be installed in the Plugins folder which is also at the same level as the target database's structure.

3. Install the "public" methods

The "public" methods are available in the demo database. They can be drag-and-dropped from the Explorer of one database to the Explorer of another.

To do so, open the demo database and your target database in design mode at the same time, in the Explorer; select the methods prefixed with "LDAPDu_@" in the demo database and drag them to the Explorer in the target database. When the "Moving Dialog" pops up after dragging the methods between databases, you probably won't want to copy the [Customers] table.

Move Dialog 1    Move dialog 2

4. Quick start

Modify LDAPDu_StartDirectory

The most immediate need is to set:

LDAPD_Port - the commonly accepted LDAP port is 389, however, since port under 1000 require specific OS permissions, 1389 is also commonly used.
LDAPD_HandlerCount  - default is 3.
LDAPD_RequireBind - Note: If requiring a bind, you will also need to set LDAPD_SetBindArrays .
LDAPD_SearchBase - Though there are no ironclad requirements it's probably best to make it look like a traditional LDAP Directory base. One usage is use the search base to partition incoming search requests for different groups.

Next, modify LDAPDu_MapFields to match fields in your database to correspond to attributes search arguements from LDAP search requests.

When listening for searches, the method LDAPD_SearchFilter will return a search filter constructed from the incoming LDAP search request. Examining these search filters will allow you to construct a mapping in LDAPDu_MapFields

5. Setting up an email client to use LDAP4D Directory

The following are the screens for Apple Mail->Preferences:

mail setup 1  -->mail setup 1


The Search Base used should be one that is set using LDAPD_SearchBase .
The Port should be the one set using LDAPD_Port
Authentication (if used) should be simple.
User names and Passwords should match those set using LDAPD_SetBindArrays .
If using SSL, see the NTK users guide.

Other email clients have a similar setup.

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