A Dog and His Boy




How the name arose

Years ago, on one of my first projects, I was on the phone with the client. He asked me offhandedly, "What's the name of your company?" Since I hadn't given it much thought before that, I looked to my side and asked my dog.

He said that since I was the one who had to walk him, take him to the park, the beach, swimming, and provide for him -- he got priority in any naming convention. Being mindful of his privacy, he insisted on anonymity.

Hence the name "A Dog and His Boy."

A little bit of searching on the net also got me to references from "My Dog Skip" and a short story by Harry Harrison who also wrote the excellent "Stainless Steel Rat" series. While I know that I read the "Stainless Steel Rat" stories, I don't recall reading the "A Dog and his boy" story. Also, I know I was using the "A Dog And His Boy" before the movie came out. Well, who knows?

Interesting! Evidently, somebody was making a movie with the name "A Dog And His Boy". See, my choice of name is hip, cool, and ready for the cutting room floor.

There's also this cool monument in Chicago. Just like the one I want!

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