Note: LDAP4D will not be developed past v11. v12 has a fine LDAP API available through PHP.

LDAP4D is a 4D component that allows 4D developers to implement LDAP client operations. You can run the demo obtained below with a trial version of 4th Dimension.

Why would I want to use LDAP4D?

Because like all good developers, you know that a little bit of work up front will save a whole lot of tediousness down the road. Also, you can add some cool buzz words/phrases to the features that your applications support. How are these: Authentication, Directory Enabled? These phrases will be thrown at you if you are trying to deploy at many large organizations.

The most common use would be authentication of users. Many large organizations (enterprises) keep track of their users and those user's privileges on LDAP servers. Think of it as a big "Users and Groups" server. For instance, Windows Server© Active Directory ©is completely accessible via LDAP. So is MS Exchange 6.5 and MS Exchange 2003. By querying the particular LDAP server, you can verify that a user is legitimate. This is often bundled up into the buzz phrase single sign-on or Authentication. A myriad of attributes can also be made available - from pictures to certificates.

Imagine some client calls up and says "we need to get the Accounting group added". A quick lookup and you've got them in your users and groups - and synchronized! Also, your application would be called Directory Enabled.

Any questions? Drop me a line because I'm the

Enough of that: where's the component?

First, peruse the manual: Online LDAP4D Manual

Second, the component: Download and then Purchase below:

Purchase a license, you'll be sent a serial number afterwards.

Notes on licences: Licenses are per developer.

That's developer, as in person, not seats for an organization. Once a license is purchased for a developer, it can follow them to whereever they go. However, every developer that works with the LDAP4D API must have a license. If another developer subsequently works on the code devloped by a licensed LDAP4D developer, he/she must have a license.

An organization might possibly get around this requirement by wrapping all calls to LDAP4D in container methods and then putting those methods in another component while making the content of the wrapping methods protected. However, if a developer is making changes to code where he/she can enter any calls to LDAP4D a license is required.

LDAP4D Single Developer licence - $30
5 pack - LDAP4D Single Developer licence - $90
LDAP4D Source Code license - $100
Tech Support / consulting - $80/hr.